SCSI Tape Driver Errors (Q)

SCSI Tape Driver Errors (Q)

Post by Ian Dani » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 22:35:23

Hi all,

        I have an Exabyte that has suddenly decided to randomly give I/O errors
when reading and writing tapes. Never in the same place on all tapes. The drive
worked fine up until now. All that changed was the PC case itself...

        Does anyone happen to know what I should be looking for to try and sort
out the problem? Could it be something like PSU voltages or current differing
slightly between cases and possibly causing a problem? Or should I just leave the
Exabyte as a blanking plate ;-) The SCSI card is a VLBus Buslogic card (nice card
by the way), kernel is 0.99pl14 with the Buslogic driver, same symptoms with the
Adaptec driver though...