Audacity won't work so I'm looking for record software

Audacity won't work so I'm looking for record software

Post by PP » Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:59:30


I have recently installed a Mandrake 9.0, and Audacity won't work : it
says it has an Audio IO error, and it won't detect even /dev/dsp, and
I can't select any input / output device. I'm using KDE with aRts,
XMMS and Real Player run just fine. Would anyone have an idea ? I
looked through Google groups but nothing helped...
Wuold anyone have an advice for recording software in this
configuration ? I've been on freshmeat, and those I tried either
didn't compile, or recorded blank (soundgrab's rawrec utility seemed
to save nothing but blank).



1. Sound recording w/es1371 won't work, playing does work

I *think* I'm doing everything right, but I simply cannot get sound
recording to work.

I've got an es1371 card-- a Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI.  I'm running
2.4.8-ac1, and have the modules ac97_codec and es1371 loaded.  (Those
seem to be the only sound-related modules).  The card works just
fine for playing sounds.  However, I have yet to get it to work for

What I've done is try both a mic (which I don't actually know works) and
a tape player connected via a patch cord (which I do know works).  I've
tried connecting the patch cord to both the "mic" and "line in"
jacks.  (The card has three jacks colored blue, red, and green.)  I've
used aumix and gmix to tell the thing to set (in turn) mic, line, and
lin1 to record.  I then use this command to record:

  sox -s -t ossdsp /dev/dsp test.wav

I record for a few seconds, then stop.  Every time I try this, I get a
WAV file which is completely silent.  (Not completely-- looking at it
with the sound editor SND, it looks like there's a very small amount of
bit noise in there.)  Never do I hear anything remotely resembling the
audio signal I put into it.  I've tried all combinations of jacks and
using gmix to set various lines into recording mode, all to no avail.

Is there something obvious I might be doing wrong here?


-Rob Knop

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