1.1.73 make inet.o failure

1.1.73 make inet.o failure

Post by Charles Cashi » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 05:19:08

Cannot compile 1.1.73 with all network options turned off. (I think it has
something to do with all network options turned off.) If you enter
/usr/src/linux-1.1.73/net/inet/Makefile, and examine the last default
option ...
     echo | as -o inet.o
If I understand this line, it says to assemble an object called inet.o from
an empty input. (Among all the wierd lines I have ever seen, this has to
count as one)

The next line constucts an archive using inet.o as input
     ar rc network.a unix/unix.o inet/inet.o
Two lines down is where the failure strikes ...
  /usr/bin/ar: failure reading string table size in /usr/src\
Thank you for any help or insight you are able to give.
Charles Cashion

We are sorry, but the number you have reached is an imaginary number.
Please hang up, rotate your phone ninety degrees, and dial again.


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I have a cintinual problem with running ppp on my linux box.
I have tried all versions of linux 1.0.9 thru to 1.1.73 and get
the same problem. I am only using 2.1.1 ppp.
The problem which has only just recently started happening(it
used to work great) is when i first make a connection to my
provider through either minicom or kermit and then start
pppd by  
          pppd /dev/cua0 38400

I get beeping from the terminal program an then after
some time my ppp link finally comes up but stays up for no
longer than a few minutes before the pone hangsup on me...
Does any body have any clue what is happening here.
I get the following lines logged to syslog

unable to create pid file: No such file or directory
input: Unknown protocol received(c025) received!

Any help would be great.
Steve Baxter
ps : could you mail if possible....

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