modem locked but I can't find the lock file

modem locked but I can't find the lock file

Post by Mario Nascimen » Wed, 09 Feb 1994 17:20:21

I tried to use kermit just a couple hours ago and 8-( suprise 8-(, it
says that the modem line is not defined (BS !) or busy (?). I couldn't
find the lock file where I guessed it should be. Further I (as root)
tried to `find` it down from the root directory and nothing (BTW, I'm
looking for a file LCK..modem, anyway I asked `find` for \*LCK\*). No
luck. I had to boot my DOS to get my modem under it, so the modem board
is not the problem. I went back to Linux and no modem still (!). So,
here I am, back to MeSSy DOS asking for any help on this matter. Thanks
a lot.


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A time ago someone asked about implementing their Num Lock, Caps Lock,
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Has anyone accomplished this?  If so, is the code at an archive site?

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