help: staircase when printing

help: staircase when printing

Post by Dave Wres » Tue, 28 Dec 1993 10:01:58

Hi.  I have read the printing faq, and have even seen a few people's
printcap entries, but still doesn't help.  I think I have a few
problems.  Let me try to explain. First, there seems to be a few too
many links to the printcap file.  I have one symlink from
/usr/src/etc/printcap to /conf/net/printcap, and the net directory
does not even exist.  Also, there is no printcap file in /etc, where
I thought it was supposed to be kept.
   I saved someone else's printcap that posted to this newsgroup,
and put it in /etc, and it still has staircase effect.  Either it is
not using that file (I put it in the wrong place) or the file does

  The problem only occurs with my hp4, and not with my dot-matrix
pana 2124.  Any help you may have to offer would be greatly
appreciated.  Also, I am interested in knowing exactly what the
path is supposed to be for this file.  If you know anything about
how I could create one on my own, that would be great.  (always
interested in neat new information :)   Thanks a bunch.

If possible, please mail directly to me instead of posting.

Dave Wreski