possible bug?

possible bug?

Post by Heath L. Buckmast » Mon, 18 Oct 1993 01:14:00

ok, here is what i did first, and what happened.
105 meg hard drive, partitioned it to 100meg /dev/hda1
and the rest to /dev/hda2 for swap
installed linux
attempted to boot from hard drive
error : Invalid partition table
interesting eh? so what did i do?

repartitioned hard drive so that NO partition was greater than that
65356 block limit or whatever it is for making the file system...well
now it boots just fine from the hard drive...

my dilema...i'm getting ready to install linux onto a 212MEG hard drive,
and i do NOT want to have to partition it so that each one is within
that block limit.....how do i get it to understand a 200 meg /dev/hda1
and a 12meg /dev/hda2 without running into the invalid partition table
prob again?????? any help? :-)


Heath L. Buckmaster

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I have a 2940 U2W Adapter SCSI with 2 devices (HDD,CD)
by the moment I use Red Hat 6.0 (with kernel 2.2.5)
and it detects everything even at installation time.

I compiled kernel 2.2.9, with aic7xxx support and I
was great, all devices detected....

but when I tried to compile the kernel 2.2.10 with the
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I tried with 2.2.11... 2.2.13 and the same........

then I got Mandrake 6.1(with kernel 2.2.13), and I
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SCSI CD, it detected the SCSI card...but when it asked
my for the media it was unable to detect my SCSI
CD....I also tried with RH 6.1 and Mandrake 7.0
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what happen to the kernels 2.2.10 and higher is the a
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Thanks in advance

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