booting a diskless motherboard via ethernet?

booting a diskless motherboard via ethernet?

Post by Tero Laakkon » Fri, 15 Oct 1993 22:50:25


i have an extra 386 motherboard lying around and was thinking of
connecting it to my 486 via ethernet. i don't feel like snarfing a hard
disk or floppy thingy from my 486 setup for booting, instead i wanna boot
via ethernet. just like booting a X-terminal, i understand.

i was under the impression that i had to replace my 386 motherboard
boot rom so that it would know that it has to go looking for boot code
from the net (as well as "a:" and "c:").

i marched to the computer store and asked the dude if he had such boot
roms, and he said that i don't need one."it looks for boot code in a:
and c:, and if they don't exist and a WD or whatever exists, it
transfers control to the boot rom in the WD" he claimed.

is this true? doesn't this imply that all i have to do is install some WD's
and make sure bootd and stuff are running and perhaps patch the kernel
somewhat and "we have lift-off"? my 386 motherboard has a bios dated
1989, is it even capable of the above netboot trickery?

sounds much too easy. correct me if i'm wrong.



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Is it possilbe to boot Linux (Redhat 5.2, but I could upgrade to anything
that would be required if necessary) on a diskless UDB/Multia via the SRM
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multia and that will then either load MILO or the kernel. I tried to directly
sending the kernel via tftp, but of course it did not work.

Any hints would be appreciated. Currently I am loading MILO from the floppy
via ARC, and MILO than loads the kernel via NFS, but I don't really like this

Kind Regards,


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