LILO problems solved

LILO problems solved

Post by Dave Mayh » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 15:36:12

  Those of you that are having problems booting with LILO, check your
  BIOS. I was having a heck of a time booting with the a1.3 disk. I kept
  blaming my ATI Ultra+.

  Finally, someone suggested updating my BIOS chips. Sure enough, that
  did the trick.

- Dave M. Mayhew

- CIS 72632,107


1. LILO problem solved? 1.2 Bootdisk bunk

Hi, I think I may have found my problem and others?  I don't remember
anything from the people having problems with LILO (Only getting LI and
computer locking up).  I had the same problem, and thanks to all that
my first message.

My computer has a 1.2 as A and 1.4 as B.  A not too uncommon setup.  When
I boot any of the 1.2 boot disks that I tried - the result was the same
familiar theme -
LI with no LO and lock-up.  My IDE/Floppy controller has a feature where, I
swap the 2 drives (A <-->B) making my B drive the boot drive.  On a whim
I tried a 1.44 Slackware 96 bootdisk.  Guess what - worked like a charm.  I
have time tonight to see if it will work the full routine.  Makes me think
that there
is something wrong with all the 1.2 bootdisk files. (not to be confused
with the
bootdisk images).  Can anyone confirm this.

By the way, I see that the online sources are not supporting the 1.2
either.  Maybe
a nother sign that they know something is up and don't want to deal with it


John Kaiser

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