Need Xconfig for CLGD5424 and CTX 15" CMS-1560LR

Need Xconfig for CLGD5424 and CTX 15" CMS-1560LR

Post by Roth Mark Dani » Wed, 26 Jan 1994 10:24:40

I am running XFree86 2.0 with my Cirrus Logic CLGD 5424 video card and
a CTX 15" CMS-1560LR monitor.  Does anyone have an Xconfig for this
combination?  Any help would be appreciated.

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I am running XFree3.1.1 with the accelerated Mach64 PCI w/2MB VRAM and a
15" CTX Monitor.  I have two modes. One is 800x600 and the other is
1024x768.  They are both screwed.  They both are way over to the left
and are too tall.  I tried using vgaset to configure it but it crashes
out with some stupid error message that you can't run it while X is up.  
If anyone has this setup please post the xconfig or mail it to me at

Thanks in advance,

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