SLS 1.03 uucp permissions/mail problem

SLS 1.03 uucp permissions/mail problem

Post by Andreas Mey » Wed, 12 Jan 1994 01:45:57

I've just loaded SLS 1.03, and the first thing I noticed is that most
of the files in /usr/lib/uucp are owned by "11". I chown-ed them
to "uucp".

Now, having built the files Devices, Dialers, Permissions and Systems,
I'm trying to send mail to test out the connection, but I get this message:

$ uustat -a
spatulaC0006 spatula ahm 01-07 18:54 Executing rmail ahm (sending 456 bytes)

and it never goes away. Any suggestions?



1. Wierd mail problem with SLS 1.03

Something wierd is happening with my machine-dependent mail (mail that does not
go to any other machines).

When I, as root, send mail to myself (root), it disappears.  
When I send using elm, (elm root) it shows nothing next to 'To: ' (where it
should say 'root', right??).  This is strange.  I also have no luck using
the regular mail program.  
If anyone can tell me what's going wrong, please do.  Preferrably by email, as
I do not read this newsgroup all that ofthen.

Thanks in advance.



"For evil left to itself ... does not simply perish; it thrives.  Evil
contained is not evil destroyed." -- Terry Brooks, "Elfstones of Shannara"

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