1.1.45 Distribution

1.1.45 Distribution

Post by MattHarv » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 04:32:05

Is there any distribution of LINUX that contains this kernel or any of the
kernels that natively support EIDE drives? I have tried to set up my EIDE
drive to work with SLS, but LILO is misbehaving, and when I use the -P
ignore switch, I just get the syntax description. Also, how do I recieve a
ZMODEM file? I want to log into delphi and download linux files from there
directly into linux instead of into DOS. Any suggestions? Also, I cannot
mount my DOS /dev/hda1 drive.

1. 1.1.45 -| 1.1.94 zImage problem

| [ Article crossposted from comp.os.linux.development ]

| [ Posted on 24 Feb 1995 10:37:13 GMT ]
| Upgrading from 1.1.45 -|  1.1.94 seems to do
| just fine with the make config; make dep; make clean;
| make zImage procedure
| no zImage appears, just another big vmlinux file.
| Which, of course, lilo complains is to big!
| (I did not upgrade the gcc libs, BTW.)
| What did I do wrong?

Same thing I did.  I didn't read all the release notes to find out that
the kernel moved.  I didn't look for it somewhere else.  In fact I even
failed to look carefully at the make/compile output just a few lines above.

I was told to find it in /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage and voila!
there it was!

And it makes sense to have it there, too.  That way you can (in the coming
future) compile for multiple platforms and not have kernel images get mixed
up.  Those doing the pre-alpha development now probably needed this just
to get the ports ramped up into the current levels.  Some of the code is
apparently even there already.
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