Pcomm problems - "Windows not supported (terminal too dumb)"

Pcomm problems - "Windows not supported (terminal too dumb)"

Post by Raymond K Yeu » Wed, 03 Nov 1993 04:58:22


        I recently compiled pcomm 2.01.  It compiled OK, but it only works when
the terminal is a console.  Otherwise, it says "Couldn't open file" (when
compiled with the ncurses that came with the SLS 1.01 distribution).  So I
tried ncurses 1.8, but then when I try to run it, it always says windows  
not supported (terminal too dumb).  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Raymond Yeung


1. "Window manager" for dumb terminals.

I'm looking for a "window manager" for character based terminals.

The basic requirements are:

        - Ability to maintain at least two "screens" and to toggle
          between them.

        - Ability to split each screen in at least two parts, each
          part "connected" to a process.

        - The processes writing to the screen, should NOT be aware of
          the fact that they are actually talking to this "window

        - Output from an idle process, i.e. a process that don't have
          access to the keyboard input, should be display without delay.

On top of these basic requirements, it would be nice have any, or all,
of these:

        - Ability to handle "any" number of "windows", each connected
          to a process.

        - Each "window" should be adjustable in size.

        - A stack of "windows" and functions for poping/pushing.

Anyone out there who knows of such a beast? It might be a commercial
product or PD, it doesn't matter.




If this "window manager" exists AND is combined with a menu handler,
I'd be more than happy!

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