Driver load failure--kernel taint

Driver load failure--kernel taint

Post by Beye » Mon, 21 Apr 2003 04:07:17

I was trying to load my modem driver for a pctel hsp micromodem when
it returned an error saying that if i load this driver it will taint
the kernel. i am running kernel 2.4.20 with rh 8. the driver name is
"ptserial.o" and the command i passed was "insmod -f ptserial". it was
working fine for a few days then this happened. if anyone could please
shine some light on the possible cause/solution to this problem that
would be great. goodbye.



1. loading (module) will taint the kernel: no license

I compiled the RocketRAID 404 driver sources for my kernal 2.4.18-4GB.
 When I try to insmod them I get the following error:

Warning: loading hpt374.o will taint the kernel: no license
hpt374.o: init_module: No such device
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,
including invalid IO or IRQ parameters


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