HELP! Lost Xtended DOS partition while installing Linux...

HELP! Lost Xtended DOS partition while installing Linux...

Post by Kenneth P Qu » Wed, 26 Jan 1994 18:04:34


Last night I tried to install the latest Slackware version of Linux
(from but something happened to my D: drive which was
set up as an extended DOS partition.

I had loaded all the Linux install disks on D: in directory \install.
After running 'setup', I tried to install from hard disk but kept
getting errors.  

I rebooted my computer in order to copy the \install files from D: to
C: but I was no longer able to access D:!!  I got the dreaded
'abort, retry, or fail' message...

DOS fdisk lists D: as still an xtended partition but its System type is

Linux fdisk lists what was D: twice as sda2 and sda5

/dev/sda1   *     1   1 300 307184      6       Dos16
/dev/sda2       301 301 400 102400      5       Extended
/dev/sda3       401 401 503 105472      83      Linux native
/dev/sda4       504 504 520  17408      82      Linux swap
/dev/sda5       301 301 400 102384      6       Dos16

I have a Seagate 520 MB SCSI hardrive with an Adaptec 1540C controller.

Is there anyway to recover data off D:? Or is it lost forever....

E-mail if you can.  Thanks in advance!

-Kenny Quon


1. help - lost dos partitions while installing linux

befor i started i had:
win95 on the first primary partition,boot manager, and 250M free space
before an extended partition
on the extended partition i had a linux swap partition and ~1gig slackware
linux; another 1gig free space; 3 dos partitions; 2 hpfs partitions;1 more
dos partition; and another 500M free space

during suse install i deleted the 2 linux partitions, then the install
prog. asked if it should install on the 2 gig of free space, i say yes,
the install program attempts to create a swap and root partition and then
reports a mke2fs error. after this my dos and os2 partitions are gone.
anyone know if i can recover these? since i don't think they were
formatted can i create partitions exactly where they used to be and be
able to recover the data?

thanks for any help

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