nntp posting problem with trn

nntp posting problem with trn

Post by Ted Uhlema » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 09:08:34

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I am having a real problem posting from trn. I geta message saying,
"Server aborted, no Newsgroup "". But I do put the name of the
Newsgroup "comp.os.linux.help", which I see when I give a List
command before confirming Send.

Thanks for any help.

Bharat S. Jhaveri


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1. cant post with trn/nntp inn missing?

I am running the slackware 1.1.1 distribution,
with a 0.99.pl15g, net-2e beta 4 kernel. Using
CSLIP and Smail.

I installed trn from source, and found that it wasnt trying to use
NNTP even tho I'd set the correct options for NNTP.

After a little research I discovered the install forgot to
create the nnntpserver file in /usr/local/lib/trn (I thought
it would use the NNTPSERVER in /etc like rtin does).

So now my users say they can read but not post. get an
error message about /usr/local/bin/inn not being found.

This confuses me because rtin works fine, so I know the
news.server is there and responding correctly.

what am I doing wrong?
how do I fix the trn to be able to post like rtin does?


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