386 paging problem?

386 paging problem?

Post by t.. » Sat, 13 Nov 1993 23:14:13


I've a problem with Linux and GCC. When I compile some larger programs
(most often the kernel), I always get one of the following messages:

Internal compiler error, got signal 11.
... the compiler stops and the system dies some seconds later.

Good. This processor honors WP bit even in supervisor mode. Kernel panic
... and the system crashes

A processor dump and some 'general fault' message
... and crash

My setup is : an AMD 386DX40 (ETEQ chipset) 64k cache, 8MB memory, ISA bus
I'm using SLS 1.03 with kernel pl13q and GCC 2.4.5

I think this is a motherboard failure, and I suspect there's something with
the 386 paging mechanism.

Could someone explain me exaclty what these messages mean, and tell if I
really have to replace my motherboard or it can be only a kernel bug?



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hello everybody out there,

i'm working with an Intel 80386-mainboard, Intel 2 mb 32-Bit Above-Board,
GENOA Super Hires Graphik-Card, Mitsubishi Multiscan-Monitor (1471??),
NCL-Controler (ST506-Type), CDC WRENII80SH Harddisk and CHINON 1.2 MB

Running DOS, i don't have real problems. But UNIX...

I bought Microport System V/386 and tried to install by booting the
boot disk. The prompt "boot:" appears and i hit RETURN. Boot starts,
but about 20 sec later there appear some beeps on the speaker and ...
the system has hung up.

Even changing graphic modus to monochrome does change anything.

So, is anybody out there running System V/386 on an Intel 80386-
Mainboard? Anyone else suggestions?

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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 D-6600 Saarbruecken 11, W. Germany | Phone: +49 681 302 4136

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