Collecting mail, and running apps remotely

Collecting mail, and running apps remotely

Post by N SHE » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 20:21:29

I have finally got my networks connection running under linux, ftp,
rlogin etc all work fine.
I log into my UNIX accnount on the uni server,
and i then want to be able to run mailtool , mosaic, whatever from
this session, but I get messages like can't connect to xServer ... Any ideas.
Alternatively I want to somehow collect my mail from my remote account
and download it onto my PC. Mail It does this
under DOS, so it should be possible.

Also does anyone hav an ftp site for Mosaic, Netscape etc..

Thanks in advance..

just in case my e-mail is



1. Running Sun apps remotely from Linux: Progress Made

Thanks for previous reply.
I have solve the problem with the fonts. I used larger resolution display.
Now the coloring problem. It seems that only certain colours displayed
incorrectly. I know this because when I clicked to launch the app function
which displays a smaller xconsole-like window, everything is correct! Now,
the problem is certainly can be solved.
My thought:
1) Will remote shell setting, such as Xdefault, xinitrc, xclients etc have
effect on the color setting?
2) How do the app call coloring scheme? rgb.txt on both machines are the
I have changed color depth to different setting. My main problem is the
proprietary app don't provide ANY documentation on the working. So, I sort
of guessing all the setting based on my experience on Linux & Xserver.
More detail information:
1) The Sun runs OpenWin wm.
2) Several settings, has this X-window environment setting named with the
app name, eg let say the app is named "wolfdoro". I could not remember, but
in one of X configuration (Xclient, Xdefaults, xinitrc or else) have these
# This setting is for wolfdoro apps
something.wolfdoro.mainWin    #CC0044
...... .wolfdoro.Background   #FF0088

Sorry for such a long 'problem'. I want to do this because it can be done on
WinMT, so why can't Linux?

Thanks in advance

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