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I have the following machine:
      -AMD 386DX-40 AMI Bios 1/1/91
      -8 megs of RAM (60ns)
      -DPT 2021 Smartchache III ISA SCSI Controller
      -Quantum 340 meg SCSI hard drive
      -Maxtor 210 meg SCSI Hard Drive
      -Archive 125S Viper SCSI Tape Backup
      -1.2 and 1.44 meg floppy drives
      -Soundblaster Pro
      -Mirage Storm S3 based SVGA card with 2meg VRAM
      -CTX 15" Monitor
      -MS-DOS 6.2, Windows 3.1, and OS/2 2.1 using Boot Manager
         -290 meg FAT and 50 meg HPFS partition on the 340
         -120 meg FAT and 90 meg FAT parittion on the 210

I have tried to install Slackware Linux 1.0 (ftp'ed from tsx-11.mit.edu)
using all of the availible bootdisks.  I then told that the only way to
get Linux to install was by using the IDE emulation mode.  I have tried
this, and have not gotten the IDE emulation to work.  My BIOS always balks
and say that there is an HD controller failure.  

Does anyone have any tips on getting the IDE emulation to work?  Does
anyone know the status of development for DPT drivers in the Linux OS?



1. Problem with Wangtek SCSI Tape streamer with DPT SCSI controller.

Hi all,

I have a new problem!

EISA i486 machine. DPT SCSI 2122 controller with 4 MB cache and RAID 1 module.
SCSI Wangtek 5250ES (or something like this) tape streamer.

The streamer can write to tape (with tar and with cpio), but it cannot
READ from tape (neither with tar nor with cpio)!!
Each time I try to read, the whole system hangs!! The only solution is then
to reset it!!

The controller don't seem to have any problems with the hard disks. So I
suppose the problem isn't with the controller, but then where?? Maybe on
the streamer hardware??

Any hints would be appreciated. Thanx, victor.


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Germany                    phone:  +49 821 888 001     (work)

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