Philips LMS CM-206 CD-Rom

Philips LMS CM-206 CD-Rom

Post by David J. Gra » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 02:58:51

Ok at it again...

Is there any one out there that is developing or writing a device driver
for the Philips LMS -206/260 drive/adapter package?  

please contact me

--Dave Graff

It's a WARPed world out there and I sure as H*LL don't do Windows!


1. LMS Philips CD-ROM (CM-206)

I recently acquired a really cheap 2X Philips/LMS CD-ROM drive.  I already
have a working SB/Panasonic CD-ROM, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to add
another drive.  (2X + 2X = 4X hee hee).

Anyways, the new LMS drive works perfectly in DOS and windows. After doing
some research, I found that there's a kernel patch for LMS/Philips CD-ROM
drives (CM-205, CM-202, etc).  However, for some unmentioned reason, this
patch specifically doesn't support the CM-206 CD-ROM drive.  Is there any
linux support for the drive?  Is there any way I can modify the kernel
patch for CM-205 so that it'll work with CM-206 drives?

The drive attaches to a Philips CM-260 ISA adapter.  The connector is some
kind of proprietary design... <shrug>

I'd appreciate any help

Mike San Jose

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