help with swapfile

help with swapfile

Post by David Z » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 02:42:15

I have just installed the copy of Linux from sunsite during labor day.
I used to use swapfile instead of swap partition. The new verion don't
seem very trival to me.

Can anyone help me with that?

p.s. which verion of Linux is current on sunsite? I thought it v 2.0.0,
but the login section says Linux 1.0.9. (Posix), hah??!!



1. Sorry-Need help sharing swapfiles btwn linux/windows

Sorry, I known this is getting to be a faq....  I just caught the end
of the  thread that described how to set up the linux swapfile
to share the same partition as a dos (Windows) swapfile.  Can someone
please pass the info on to me?  Sorry for the repetition.


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