Cirrus Logic CL-DG6420 --- SVGA driver??

Cirrus Logic CL-DG6420 --- SVGA driver??

Post by Rod Huffm » Fri, 09 Sep 1994 11:11:10

I have a KSP-751 video card in an American Portable Research 486 DX/33
"lunchbox" portable.  It uses the Cirrus Logic CL-DG6420 chip to provide
"Simul-scan" support for both the LCD screen and an external monitor.

In all of the docs and discussions, I have never seen anyone mention this
chip.  Does anyone else use it?

System: 16M, Slackware 2.0, Kernel 1.09, Xfree 2.1.1

Is there an SVGA driver that is similar enough to this that a very
unknowledgable person (me) could twiddle a bit to get the full good out of
the 6420?  Better yet, has anyone done this already?

I am currently using the VGA16 driver, but it only seems to work with 256K
of the 1M on the board.  I have used the (awkward, but functional) trick of
running dosemu to set the video board to run the external display only,
which allows the use of the faster dot clocks (32, 40, 45 MHz [oh, I know
this isn't *fast*, but it's that best available with this card]).  Has anyone
a less awkward way of doing this?

Many thanks for any and all assistance.  Please e-mail to:

Biol & Agri Engineering Dept, NC State Univ, Raleigh NC
Mail:   P.O. Box 7625, Raleigh NC 27695-7625
Phone:  919-515-6740    Fax:    919-515-7760


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