Trouble running PPP - pings only - Help!

Trouble running PPP - pings only - Help!

Post by Bob Doolittle - Sun Softwa » Thu, 06 Oct 1994 06:06:16

I am having trouble running PPP, and would greatly appreciate some
advice.  I can ping remote systems, and remote systems can ping me.  I
can run nslookup as well and resolve names.  However, when I try to
run telnet, I get "connection established", but no "login: " prompt.
I get similar results with all other apps - they get the original
connection established, but that's the end of the story.  I see no
error messages on remote machines.  I *do* see a couple of strange
entries in the syslog.err file when PPP first comes up (unrecognized
protocol "7070" and another high number), but no errors at the time of
application failure.

Can anyone suggest a course of action?  I consider myself fairly
network savvy (although PPP ignorant), but don't know how to proceed
at this point.  Turning up debugging levels in pppd doesn't bring out
any new information.

I am running the 1.1.49 Linux kernel, ppp-2.1.2a, and network
applications from some Yggdrasil release (I forget the number, it's a
few months old).

If anyone has any suggestions, please email them to me:



1. PPP, run with FTP,Telnt,Ping,... but HTTP (Netscpe) do not, Why ?

Please Help Me, It is a month that I'm tryng to solve this problem,
and I'm starting to think that learning Unix with Linux is a waste of
-I had reconfigured kernel 1.2.13 with Soundblaster, Network (only
ppp), and some other options.
-My Internet provider give me a PPP link. I phone to the Cisco-gateway
at ( but the server is ( Netmask is and Dns
is ( My hostname has a name give it from
me: Normally (when starting Linux, not on line)
I use only as loopback address.  
-I use a dip script that init the V32bis modem, call 805850, get $mtu
1500 and send login & passwd, after that takes the dynamic IP from
Server and fire up ppp.

At the moment, I can use Telnet, ncFTP or FTP, popclient (POP3mail
client), Ping, traceroute, and much other text oriented service.  
But when I launch Xmosaic or Netscape (1.11 or 2.01) from a Shell of
Xwindow the browser can only read newsgroup, make ftp, send mail but
NO DATA CAN BE SHOWN FROM HTTP, the only web page that I can see is my
home page on the 2nd Windows95 Hard disk. Really Good !

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me!

     ( o o )          

  (   )   Oooo.  Home Page:
---\ (----(   )--------------------------------------------------------
    \_)    ) /  

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