trn problem

trn problem

Post by cosc19 » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 05:42:44

Hi. I just installed trn Slackware distribution, and I have the following
messages and no news.

db.init read failed -- assuming no byte-order translations.

No unread news in subscribed-to newsgroups.  To subscribe to a new
newsgroup use the g<newsgroup> command.

I read NEWS-HOW, but no similar questions.  Could someone give an
idea ?  Thanks.


1. TERM, NNTP and TRN problems

I am trying to read news via a nntpserver using TERM and TRN.  When I run
TRN I get:

This machine does not have permission to use the MYHOSTNAME news server.

Unexpected close of server socket.

I realize that MYHOSTNAME might have to be listed somewhere, but I have
no idea where.  I have done a tredir 119 MYNNTPSERVERVIATERM:119.


Freddy A. Balady, N2MTA               New Jersey Institute of Technology

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