x-windows emulator ??

x-windows emulator ??

Post by Dominic H Goo » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 08:34:03

Could someone give me a pointer to (pd or shareware) software
to allow me to use a (msdos/windows) pc as a x-windows terminal
to my linux box? I've got winsock working ok - but the software
for x-windows terminal emulation died becasue (and this is the
real problem) the msdos machine is only a 286.

I would appreciate a reply by mail - my account at University
expires in a few hours time as I have graduated - so I may not
have time to check the newsgroups!



1. Seeking X-Windows emulator

Dear Colleagues;

     I am seeking an X-Windows emulator for a Pentium-90 PC fitted with
MS-DOS 6.2/Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Linux 1.2.x as its operating
systems.  If you can provide useful details, kindly contact me _directly_

     Thanks in advance to all responders.


S. Shapiro


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