Xconfig for COMpaq QVISION Video Controller

Xconfig for COMpaq QVISION Video Controller

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I've been trying to configure my COmpaq 466M DESKPRO
to run Xwindows without any luck. If somebody could
send me a configuration that would work, I would really
appreciate it. I am using an NEC 3FGe as my monitor. The
QVISION Card has 1Meg of RAM which is the minimum requirement
I believe. If anyone can help me, thank you very much. Please

at comp.os.linmux.help.

1. Support for COMPAQ QVision 1024/E Video Controller

I have been running Linux Kernel 2.0.35 from the Caldera distribution on a
COMPAQ Deskpro 486 with 16 Meg of RAM for the past Seven Months
with no trouble at all.

I recently tried to update my Storage with an additional 8 Megs of RAM and
I'm unable to get the New storage recognized by Linux.

Someplace I heard that my problem may be caused by my Video card
using the new Storage incorrectly.

The Video Card that I have is a COMPAQ QVision 1024/E Video

Would any one be able to tell me if this card is supported at this version ot
the Kernel?  I could not find any information about this particular card as far
as support under Linux is conserned.

Thank you all in advance for any Assistance that someone could give
me in solving this problem.

Yours truly,

Frank Krauss

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