jumpy cursor movement in 1.0 with rlogin/telnet

jumpy cursor movement in 1.0 with rlogin/telnet

Post by Martien Huls » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 22:15:59

Well, obvously something went wrong. I'l try again:


I have the following problem:

I recently upgraded my .99pl14 kernel of slackware 1.1.1 to kernel
version 1.0. I noticed that when I remotely login (telnet,rlogin)
to a unix machine (HP and Convex) via ethernet the cursor keys become jumpy in
the editor (emacs/vi). This is much more noticable in xterm under X11
than via a VC. There seems to be a delay (at random times) when using a cursor
key and large jumps when holding down such a key. Everything is OK with
kernel .99pl14.
If I login locally or remotely to a Linux box (having .99pl14) everything
is OK as well and the cursor moves in a smooth and predictable way.

At first I thought the problem maybe due to incompatible telnet/rlogin
versions and upgraded to slackware today but the problem is
still there.

Does anybody have a clue what is the problem here? Has it something to
do with vt100-cursorkeys consisting of multiple characters?
Thanks for any hint.