Linux Distribution Recommendation Requested

Linux Distribution Recommendation Requested

Post by Dan Hoto » Fri, 19 Nov 1993 13:04:17

I've heard a lot of good things about Linux, and I figured it's about time I
check it out.  Since I'm new to Linux, I'm looking for suggestions for which
distribution I should load.


>You should read the Installation HOWTO for more details on how to go about
>installing Linux.  Note, though, that despite its heavy emphasis on the
>SLS release I would not recommend using SLS for any new Linux
>installation; you should consider using MCC-Interim, TAMU or Slackware

So, I see I should stay clear of the SLS distribution, but I don't know
which is best for me.  If I go with something other than SLS, can I use any
of the files from the SLS dist. (a co-worker has the complete SLS set

The machine I plan to load linux on is an IBM 486/SLC66, 16Megs of RAM,
340Meg HD, and a 1Meg SVGA Boca Video card with 15" monitor.  The other
office machines are all connected to a Novell 3.11 network, so I'll want to
has a seperate DOS volume for running Network programs.  I'd like to use X-
windows along with the GCC compiler.  I currently have an INTEL
EtherExpress16, but since it appears to be no linux drivers for this board
yet, I'll probably swap with a SMC Elite 16bit Combo card.

If anyone has any recommendations for the best distribution to go with, I'd
love to hear from you.  I'm sure it's not a simple answer, but I couldn't
seem to find anywhere in the FAQ the advantages/disadvantages of the various


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1. Seeking recommendations for LINUX distribution

Now that I have a PC at home, its time to move beyond the MKS stuff and
really install some form of UNIX.  Linux looks good, but the problem is:

        1.  I'm not looking to shell out plenty of money; in particular
            I have NO intention of buying a CD-ROM player, therefore I
            need to find a floppy distributor, preferably one who will
            deal by mail.

        2.  I don't have a huge configuration -- just an old 386 (American
            Megatrends) with a Weitek coprocessor, 5MB RAM, and 2 100 MB
            hard drives.  Luckily, I have no desire to run X-Windows --
            the most computationally-intensive programs I intend to run
            are groff and gcc (maybe g++).

So, can anyone recommend a distribution or distributor appropriate for my
situation?  Should I pack up and look elsewhere?  Or what?

Thanks to all,
  Mike Zraly

Michael S. Zraly                |       "Do not meddle in the affairs

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