Network unreachable (Slackware 1.0.4 & NET-2)

Network unreachable (Slackware 1.0.4 & NET-2)

Post by William Guido Soh » Wed, 13 Oct 1993 11:10:03

I read the NET-2 HOWTO and followed its instructions with regard to
setting up TCP/IP on Linux. I've specified my IP address and netmask
but do not know my broadcast address, so I left that out.

I execute
        ifconfig eth0 {IPADDR} netmask {NETMASK}
then do
        route -n add {NETWORK}
        route -n add {IPADDR}
        route add default gw ${GATEWAY} metric 1

When the lines adding my IPADDR and GATEWAY to the routing table
are executed, I get a SIOCADDR: Network unreachable.

I read earlier that it's due to netmasks of only or being permitted. I can't locate the source
pertaining to it though. Where can I find it ? Has anyone solved a
similiar problem ?

I'm certain about these
        ip address =
        netmask =
        gateway address =

I calculated my network address to be
        network address = (ip address ANDed with netmask)

Can I get by without a broadcast address ? I think so because I have
used NCSA Telnet giving it my IP address, netmask, gateway address
and a nameserver. It worked fine! So what gives here ?
I'd like to learn more about how all these numbers work together to
well ... allow one to network. Where can I find info ?

Please help me here. This is the first time I've had a Un*x on my
machine. I feel I'm just that close to reaching the outside world
and its driving me nuts.



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I am running 0.99pl12 kernel with net-2's net-std, net-base and net-010.
All seem to be running properly - telnet, ftp, tftp to localhost are
working, localhost is perfectly ping-able etc etc. However, talk is not
working. After invoking talk, I get the following message:

[No connection yet]
[Error on write to talk daemon : Network is unreachable (101)]

Things that I checked:

- talk/ntalk is present in /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/services
- netstat -u shows ntalk/talk (though (STATE) field is empty...huh? tftp is
also shown in the same way though, but it works)

Any pointers on how to fix that?

Michael E. Bravo AKA /\/\ike                  7 812 231 3951  (home)

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