Making dosemu in Slackware 2.0, please help

Making dosemu in Slackware 2.0, please help

Post by b14000.. » Tue, 19 Jul 1994 13:42:59

Hey the gurus around, please help. I just installed the new Slackware 2.0 (of
course not fully. But all the libs I'm sure are there already.) And then I
downloaded dosemu0.52 and tried to make. As I make the thing as instructed in
the doc, a lot of warnings came out. Very soon it stopped and report that
there was error in program (nor in ***.h or *** not found, the error says the
prog got errors). So how?  Did I miss something? (My machine is a AMD486DX266
with 8M RAM and 10M swap, I don't think it was because of the machine.) Can
any experts around please help? I think it should be simple for you right?

(Anyhow can somebody there tell me a place where I can get a binary? I'm tired
of making it and getting errors.THANX!!)


1. Problems Installing Slackware 2.0 PLEASE HELP

: Ok, I am trying to install Slackware 2.0 on my Acer P5-60...I have
: repartioned my 503 IDE HD to have 4xx for MS-DOS and 83 for Linux...I have
: binarily transfered bare.gz and color144.gz and have gzip -d them and
: rawrite 'd them to two brand spanking new formatted 1.44,I
: put the boot disk in drive A and it loads LILO fine, and tells me not to
: switch any disks and just hit enter if I have nothing to add to the
: exception I hit Enter and it runs its checks, 24.2 MogoPips, etc,
: found the 1.44 as fd0, found ftape, and found both the hda1 and hda2
: partitions...It then says to remove the boot disk and insert the root
: I put in the color144 disk and I get the following messages:

: RAMDISK: 1474560 bytes, starting at 0x1c0000
: RAMDISK: trying old-style RAM image.
: RAMDISK: trying old-style RAM image.
:                       (Yes, it shows it twice)
: VFS: Insert root floppy and press ENTER

You described exactly the same problem I have, and since I've successfully
installed the same release of Slackware on 2 other machines I can only
conclude it is a fault in either Linux Kernel or the Acer P5-60 motherboard,
bios or internal floppy controller. Have you tried disabling the on-boars
floppy/disk controller and substituting a card-based one?

Failing that, unless you can get any info from Acer or SOMEONE who knows the
internals of Linux' floppy code I suspect you're stuck. If you do find an
answer I'd appreciate it if you could share it with me. I've pretty much
given up. FYI my machine is obviously the same - an ACER bios P5-60. The
only difference is mine was OEMd to CompUSA and aside from this one problem
it's a perfectly acceptable machine. But your problem is definitely NOT with
your floppies - I'm quite sure you did everything right!

A note to other readers of this thread: take care to note that the boot process
seems to be unable to read the native filesystem from the floppy and tries to
read it using the MSDOS filesystem. That seems to be the key point of failure.

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