No home directory at log in

No home directory at log in

Post by ramanand Manday » Mon, 27 Mar 1995 14:52:53

Hi Folks,

The subject line says it all. I try loggin in as a user but I get the
following message:

        No directory : /home/username

I checked and this directory does exist. It also has the correct
permissions (rwxr_xr_x) as do all the directories in the path from the
root. I am at a loss to understand what is happening here. I suspect
this is more of a UNIX question than a unique problem with Linux.

The user account had been working till yesterday when I tried
installing the elm program from the slackware distribution. I had
previously installed it and it worked fine. But for some reason, this
time when I installed it this new problem cropped up. I am not sure if
there is any connection between the two.

Could some kind soul help me please

Thanks in advance,



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