Printcap for Canon BJ-200

Printcap for Canon BJ-200

Post by Jaroslaw Knap,MAE Graduate Stude » Sat, 20 Nov 1993 00:39:52

I just purchased a Canon BJ-200 printer for my computer and am having trouble
finding a printcap file for it.  If there is anyone out there that may have
one or knows were to get one,  I'd appreciate it.  Also,  if there are any other
files or filters or whatever that may make my printer run more efficently I'd
appreciate it if you'd let me know.

Thanks for your time in this matter.

Jaroslaw Knap                          
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Tempe, AZ  
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1. printcap entry for Canon BJ-200??

Yeah, this pops up now and then.

The BJ-200 is a recognized device for ghostscript.  There's something
in one of the FAQs or HOWTOs about that.

Send me e-mail if you haven't gotten the ghostscript printcap entry
yet.  It's pretty simple, really, and I don't read c.o.l.h. that
much anymore, so chances are someone else has already sent what
you need.

Actually, I have a whole bunch of printcap entries for printing
with my BJ-200e; made 'em myself, except for the one that prints
postscript files, which I got from another c.o.l.h. poster.  But
if you're going to just print a plain text file, just send it to
the printer.  It should print.

The first time I sent a file to my BJ-200e, it printed it.  I didn't
do anything to my printcap file, and had just set Linux up (Slackware
2.0.0, supplied IDE kernel 1.0.9), having done absolutely nothing
to insure anything would print.  I hadn't set my machine name, the
date, or checked to see if I could change passwords.  "lpr filename"
printed filename with no problems.

P.S.: If you're going to print postscript/ghostscript files, it's
not worth it to buy a BJ-200e over a BJ-200.  Canon has neglected
to issue support to non-DOS users to print non-dithered pages.
There will be no difference in output between the BJ-200 and the
BJ-200e.  Dammit.

Also, I *really* like ghostview.  It's fantastic.  Wish I could run it
all the time.

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and sound files at in quayle/gif and quayle/sound.

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