Wearnes CDD-110 CD-ROM and Linux ?

Wearnes CDD-110 CD-ROM and Linux ?

Post by Chi-Chang L » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 12:23:05

I just bought a Wearnes CDD-110 CD-ROM drive and tried to mount it under Linux.
According to the manual, the interface card comes with it is compatible
with SONY CDU-31A, but I had trouble mounting it.  Since I am pretty new
to Linux, I am not sure what the problem is. ( My kernel version is 0.99.15).

Is there anybody using this type of CD-ROM drive with Linux?

Chi-Chang Lin


1. Wearnes CD-ROM CDD-110 and Linux?

I was wondering if anyone has gotten a Wearnes CDD-110 cdrom with their
CDC-005 interface to work with Linux.  

Thanks in advance!

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