Modem in weird mode after using DIP

Modem in weird mode after using DIP

Post by David Redi » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 02:54:21

I am using Linux 1.0 (I just upgraded using the MCC release) and
DIP 3.3.7-lilo-3.2.  I have been able to get SLIP working but after
I use it once, my modem is in a weird state.  If I try to use DIP
a second time then when I do "port /dev/ttyS1" it hangs.  Ctl-C successfully
gets me out of DIP but I need to reboot before DIP can again get my ttyS1 port.
If I use kermit I have to Ctl-C but then I am in the "C-Kermit>" prompt
and then kermit works fine.

While poking around the kernel man-pages (Unix is not for the faint
of heart!) I found setserial (Is that right? I am sending from my
office so I don't have it here.) and there seemed to be something
about "sak" - requiring a ctl-break to get the serial port's attention.
I don't know if this is related or not.  I tried "setserial (or whatever
the command was) /dev/ttyS1 ^sak" which the man page said should change
that parameter to false but that didn't help.

Any help would be appreciated.

news group (though I did look through it for possible help and it was
tremendous help in getting SLIP working in the first place).  
I will forward the summary to this newsgroup.

David Redish


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I have been using my linux machine for a while using dip/slip
for outgoing. I recently decided to configure for incoming,
so I set up /etc/deafaults and /etc/gettydefs and /etc/inittab
to use uugetty to monitor the serial port for

I have found that I can no longer dial in after finishing a
dip/slip session....the phone rings w/out the modem picking up.
If I kell the uugetty process and let it respawn (so then it reads
the defaults and gettydef file), I can dial in and it picks up.
Just running init q doesn't respawn the getty correctly (or so it
seems). It's like the dip/slip process is leaving the modem/serial
port in a weird switching off the autoanswer.

Like I said, the only way for incoming calls after a dip/slip session
to get picked up is to kill the current getty....

Why is this?


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