want explanation of alias sound-slot-* in modules.config

want explanation of alias sound-slot-* in modules.config

Post by Phil » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 04:33:41

Hi, I am new to linux. I just brought up my Pavilion 9695C 800MHz Athlon
on RH9.

Mucking around I got sound working by buying a cheap card and adding
"alias sound-slot-0 cmpci" to my modules.conf.

However, I am always someone who wants to know what I am doing. I have
browsed through books and howtos on sound, and drivers, and kernels and
have most of it explained. Here is what I cannot find anywhere it seems:

1. Where/why are sound cards referred to "sound-slot-*" in modules.conf?
Is this convention or something hard-coded somewhere? Or for that matter
all the other aliases in the file appear to be arbitrarily named.

2. Where else is the "sound-slot-*" string used? I cannot see that it is
used anywhere else. So my guess is that it is just a string fabricated
so that an "alias" command can be put into modules.conf, which will
trigger modprobe to load the actual driver (which is cmpci.o in my
case). Why not hen just have a "probe <driver>" command instead of an




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I've got everything seemingly working okay with RedHat 6.0 with Linux
2.2.5-15, but at the initial Gnome startup, I get :

modprobe: can't locate module sound-slot-1
modprobe: can't locate module sound-service-1-0

I'm not sure if this is coming from Gnome or Enlightenment. The Gnome
sounds seem to be fine. I think I've heard a few new sounds when
enabling Enlightenment sound, but their documentation is a bit sparse on
what to expect.

Does anyone know if there are any alias definitions required, or do I
need more modules (and where to get them).

Thanks in advance

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