Booting new kernel

Booting new kernel

Post by Jeff Fri » Fri, 11 Feb 1994 07:12:42

Quote:>I have been running the Slackware distribution with kernel 0.99pl14c
>for some time with no problems.  Downloaded pl14x kernel, unpacked
>it, configured it, compiled it using 'make zImage', 'make zdisk',
>then set up lilo config to boot from /dev/fd0 with the new kernel.

>The kernel boot starts ok, gets as far as completing the partition
>check and prints the 'mounting readonly' message. It then gives a
>series of hard disk read errors 0040, 0010 and 0001, finishing
>with a kernel panic with block and inode numbers which can't be

you have to also invoke 'make zlilo' to implement the changes you made
in lilo config.  Make sure you leave in the disk from the zdisk step.
(see /usr/src/linux/README for more info).  Alternatively, you can
run the 'setup' script, skip the software installation and choose the
re-install step'.  Choose the floppy boot disk option (use a blank, formatted
disk), and also choose option 4 (install lilo to boot floppy) when it
gets to the lilo install step.  Skip all the other steps.

Good luck,

-- Jeff.


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