LILO, NEC notebook and docking station.. HELP!

LILO, NEC notebook and docking station.. HELP!

Post by Kevin Spous » Fri, 01 Jul 1994 07:23:53

OK, I'm lost...

After spending the better part of a week getting Linux up and running, X
configured decently and LILO working on my NEC Versa notebook, I slam the
machine into the docking station and fire it up.  Left-Shift at the LILO prompt
and type Linux....

Loading............. (etc etc)
that a hang on partition check.  Remove the notebook from the docking station
and it boots right into Linux.

Here's the config details:

        NEC Versa 486-25dx4 (75Mhx)
        20 M RAM
        340m HDD - 200m FAT on /dev/hda1, 140m Linux Native on /dev/hda2
        VersaTrack trackball
        1M WD90C24 VGA
        Active Matrix Display
        IBM PCMCIA Token-Ring adapter in slot 0

Dock Stn:
        IBM 16-bit 16/4 Token-Ring adapter
        Conner 3034 340m IDE, 100% FAT

Now, I realize when docking the notebook, the drive in the docking station will become the 2nd partition and the Linux Partition becomes the third partition, while when "mobile", the Linux partition is the 2nd one.

With Linux on /dev/hda2, why would the system hang when it comes to the
partition check?  The thing boots the kernel from /dev/hda2 just fine.  
Does the existance of the 2nd drive (/dev/hdb??) make a difference? (Obviously, it does or the machine wouldn't hang)

What happens if I change my FSTAB entries to show the existance of the 2nd disk?Will it blow up when I'm "mobile"?

Is anyone else runing a similar setup and made it work?  I'd really like to
be able to take Linux with me when I'm out in the field...

Hmmm..  I'd been booting from floppy until this morning...  Would the kernel on
the HDD possibly be different?  In clearer terms, when doing a make zdisk,
is the new kernel put on the floppy?  If I were to re-compile the kernel
and do a make zImage instead, would it fly??  :)


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System:  Austin Computer Systems Notebook
         Internal Modem
         Docking Station
         Linux 1.0

The modem uses COM2 under DOS which translates to /dev/cua1 under Linux.
The modem works fine with Kermit under Linux when the notebook is not connected
to the docking station.  
The modem works fine under DOS either with or without the docking station.
Under Linux with the docking station, the kermit command:
  set line /dev/cua1
produces the following error message:
Sorry, can't open connection: /dev/cua1: Device or resource busy.
It doesn't complain about setting the line to /dev/cua0 which is the other
serial port.

I have disabled all of the communication ports on the docking station
by setting all dip switches off.

Any ideas?  Please email.
Steve Robbins

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