"Xlib: unexpected async reply" error.

"Xlib: unexpected async reply" error.

Post by Stephane Prou » Thu, 23 Sep 1993 01:54:00

Since we install patch (HP9000) to upgrade to Motif 1.2.2, this error occur
very often with my Motif applacation.

Do I need another patch??



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Hi everybody,
I have been developping an image displaying application  using GTK+ on
Linux OS Kernel 2.4.5.
But I had an error pretty many times as below:

Xlib: unexpected async reply (sequence 0xb9)!

Sometimes the program works fine, sometimes had errors.

I do not think the error comes from image-related widgets by itselves.
Rather, the image-related widgets conflict with gtk_main().
When I insert sleep(10) function between function including
image-related widgets
and gtk_main(), then the program works without any problem during 10

I did not have this kind of problem with Xtool kits.
Actually, I developped the program with simple Xtool kit widgets and now
I am building the GUI with GTK+.

What should I do to get the error?


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