Ethernet Driver for Digital Etherworks Turbo III

Ethernet Driver for Digital Etherworks Turbo III

Post by Chris Higgins - System Administrat » Fri, 08 Oct 1993 18:47:28

Here is the summary I promised...

I got several responces to my query.
I have been unsuccessful in my quest to find a driver for the particular card I
have. The closest is the DEPCA drivers, but these won't work for the
Etherworks Turbo III

I was given the Email address of the author of the Depca driver, and I am still
waiting for any responce from that address.

If I find a solution to the problem, or get any more info on possibilities then
I'll post again.

So if you have a Etherworks III card, you won't get Ethernet working...
Either replace the card or go for SLIP :-)

Thanks again to all those who took the trouble to respond to my initial



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