msdos fs doesn't get file dates right - bug?

msdos fs doesn't get file dates right - bug?

Post by Matthew Aaron Armstro » Thu, 22 Dec 1994 06:34:27

Under kernels 1.1.36 and 1.1.71, the MSDOS fs doesn't reflect the true
MS-DOS file date, as shown by a dir under MS-DOS and an ls -l of the
same file under Linux.

   TEST     PAR         1,506 11-30-94   9:09p

   -rw-r--r--   1 root     root         1506 Dec 20 13:09 test.par

If I touch the file under Linux, the MS-DOS file date becomes January
9th. This isn't acceptable behavior because I am moving source files
between Linux and DOS and these date changes confuse make.

Interestingly enough, the _minute_ always seems to remain correct.  Here
is my fstab:

/dev/hda1 swap        swap        defaults
/dev/hda2 /           ext2        defaults
/dev/hda3 /C          msdos       defaults,noexec
/dev/hdb1 /D          msdos       defaults,noexec,conv=auto
/dev/hdb2 /E          umsdos      defaults,noexec,conv=auto,gid=100,uid=501
none      /proc       proc        defaults

The same behavior is seen on /C /D and /E.  Any insigts, particularly if
this is some kind of configuration error, are greatly appreciated!

| Matt Armstrong


1. Bug in 'msdos' file system?


I am running the TAMU .99p4 release of Linux. Wonderful!  But I did run
across what appears to be a serious bug last night while attempting to
copy a Linux (unix) file onto an 'msdos' mounted partition.

I mounted my DOS drive C: as:  mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /dos/c:

No problem.  I could access my DOS files as if they were normal unix files.
I then tried to move a file over onto DOS:

mv /home/frampton/myfile.txt /dos/c:

The 'mv' seemed to finish, so I executed a 'sync'.  The 'sync' command seemed
to hang there.  In fact I had to log on using another pty and issue a ps
command.  Interestingly enough, the 'mv' and 'sync' commands were still in
the process list.  So I tried to 'kill' them off -- but they wouldn't budge.
This was even the case when I used the 'kill -9' option.  Talk about your
zombie processes!  :-)

Shutting down the system (with the 'shutdown' command) didn't seem to work,
as it probably issued another 'sync' which hung up again.  After a few
minutes, I rebooted.

Afterward, I couldn't even boot Linux anymore!  I had to use the boot disk
and run an 'efsck' command to clear things up (yes, I'm using the extended
file system).  Being fairly new to Linux, I had only but to agree with what
'efsck' suggested needed fixing.  I can only assume that things are back to
normal now (it *appears* to work now).

Anyway, is this a known bug with the extended file system, the 'msdos' file
system, or both?



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