Xconfig for T4700CT

Xconfig for T4700CT

Post by Stuart Tar » Tue, 10 Jan 1995 20:18:50

I have recently aqcuired a Toshiba T4700CT portable on which I am running
Linux 1.1.75 and DOS.  I have it plugged into an external screen at work
which is capable of display 256 colours at 800x600 resolution.

SuperProbe identifies the chipset as a WD/Paradise 90C24 with 1Mb memory.

I am running XFree 2.1.

I have managed to get the screen working in 16 colours without much
problems but am unable to get it working in 256 colours.  Does anyone
have any pointers at what to look at or a working Xconig for a 4700/4800
series machine ?

Thanks in advance.


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1. XConfig for Toshiba t4700ct laptop (wd90C24), anyone?

I've installed the slackware distribution on a Toshiba laptop, and I'm
happily running XFree with XF86_VGA16, using the 'generic' chipset.
As my video card supports svga, I would like to install XF86_SVGA, but
I don't know how to write XConfig...

SuperProbe reports a wd90c24 chipset:
First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: WD/Paradise 90C24
        Memory:  1024 Kbytes
        RAMDAC:  Generic 8-bit pseudo-color DAC
                 (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))

Did anyone write an XConfig file for XF86_SVGA to use this chipset?
Hope to hear a YES!

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