Linux stability?

Linux stability?

Post by David Hovemey » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 21:47:43


My Linux box has been freezing up recently. I was using my modem
two of the times it happened.  No messages were written to the console
or /var/adm/messages.  Therefore I have a couple questions:

        1.  How can I find the cause of problems like this?
            I am using a new motherboard, and I wonder if it could
            be a hardware problem.  Is there a way to distinguish
            hardware vs. software problems?

        2.  Are there particular kernels which are known to be
            more stable than others?  I have tried 1.0.9 (which
            I am running right now) and 1.1.50.  Both exhibit
            the problem.

My system:
        AMD 486DX2/80 VLB motherboard
        4 megs RAM
        ISA IDE multi I/O controller (16550 UARTs)
        2 Western Digital hard drives
        Mitsumi CDROM drive/controller
        Generic ET4000 ISA video card

I did not have any problems with my old 486SX/25 motherboard,
which make me somewhat suspicious of the new one.

Any comments and advice appreciated.



Linux stability?

Post by David Hovemey » Sun, 18 Dec 1994 04:47:55

[ stuff about computer crashing deleted ]

The trouble was that the memory I took out of the SX/25 was too
slow (80ns!).  I got a 70ns 16 meg SIMM, and *presto* a fast and
stable box.

M*of the story: after installing a fast new motherboard, make
sure your old components can keep up.

Dave, happily running 1.0.9 again


1. Hardware stability (was: Linux stability???)

1. I had similar problems with one of machines at work.
   Somebody adviced me to loop kernel compilation.
   It turned out, that the machine had defect hardware (memory),
   because compilation was giving errors at RANDOM places.

2. I had no other crush cases with Linux. (Well, when I was a newbie,
   sometimes I pressed RESET without trying to think of something better.
   Ms Win customs die hard :-)

I dont have applixware, but Wine (when I used it), never crushed
the system.

It is interesting to note, that even after crushing due to bad memory,
Linux continued to receive pings correctly!

Roman Suzi

 --        --
--  Roman A. Suzi * Petrozavodsk Karelia Russia --

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