HP DeskJet 560C Weird Printing Prob

HP DeskJet 560C Weird Printing Prob

Post by Thornton Pri » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 11:18:56

I have read every HOWTO on printing that I can imagine.
I have set up and configured apsfilter exactly as described.

When I try to print, my printer prints ->

                                      r rrr     oooo    o

Then it spits out a blank page.

I am getting pretty frustrated, but am determined to make
this work because I HATE DOS.  I want to delete the darn
thing off my hard drive, but am thinking I might have to
tolerate it to print *8<

Any help sincerely appreciated.


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1. Printing to remote printer (HP Deskjet 560C) on WFWG box from Linux

        I have been trying to get my printing services up and running
and have been running into trouble every time. I have a WFWG 3.11 box
hooked-up to my Linux box via ethernet (TCP/IP) and have my HP DeskJet
560C hooked up to my WFWG box's LPT1 port. I also have eXceed 4.1 run-
ning on my WFWG box and its LPD software running. It is set to "Print
raw data to Default Printer".
        I also tried setting up apsfilter 2.3 which I downloaded from
ftp.Germany.EU.Net. I used its setup utility and it asked me questions
on which kind of printer I had, etc..., etc... . I chose the cdj550
driver and also just hit enter when it asked which port my printer was
hooked up to (/dev/lp0, /dev/lp1, etc..). It then proceeded to edit my
/etc/printcap file and added all these different printcap settings. I
then edited the entries, adding rm= and rp= lines. I tried using these new
settings but to no avail. I tried printing postscript, text, and dvi but
all I get from text and dvi are 1 line printouts and garbage for PS.
What am I doing wrong? Could somebody please help me out? Any help would
really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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