Looking for someone with a Linux site in Beaverton, OR.

Looking for someone with a Linux site in Beaverton, OR.

Post by Bill Kre » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 06:11:51

I'm fooling around with Linux, mostly to learn how to use
UNIX and I was thinking that if there was someone around
here who has a system running and would be willing to help
me get a mail and news feed.

I think if I hand a number to call, I could figure out how
to get all the UUCP stuff working, and that's really the
point of this excersize.

Anyway, if this is an innapropriate place to ask a question
like this, would somebody point me to a list, group, or
some such thing that would be more appropriate?


Bill K.


1. Looking for someone to host non-profit volunteer organization's site.

There is a site which I would like to move to a faster server.  The
site represents a non-profit organization in Maryland which accepts
older computers and provides local area schools with them.  Read more
about it at its current location.

I would prefer at least twenty megabytes of space.  To get an idea of
the content of this site, check the URL below.


If you would be interested in hosting this site, e-mail me at



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