Font problem in dvips and latex

Font problem in dvips and latex

Post by Chao Fe » Fri, 26 Aug 1994 11:31:59

I have installed TeX in my PC with SLS 1.05 Linux package. After I compiled
a tex file using latex, I failed to generate the ps file using dvips. The
error message I received is like this:

        dvips: Checksum mismatch in font cmti9.300pk

Can anybody tell me the source of this error and how to solve it?




1. LaTeX: dvi500, dvi550 can't find fonts (dvips OK)

        Have got LaTeX to work, along with dvips, dvilj etc. However
dvi500, dvi550c cannot find their fonts (cmxxxx.300PK or something
like that). I can't find these fonts with "find" on the hard disk
or on the CDROM either.

        Any suggestions?

        Joe Mack

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