Linux doesn't recognize HDB in IDE/RLL system

Linux doesn't recognize HDB in IDE/RLL system

Post by Christopher Wil » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 12:45:06


I've got a 386DX40 with an AMIBIOS 12/12/91.  I am running the Slackware
2.0 distribution of Linux (1.09, I think).

Things were running just fine when I had only the IDE hard drive in the
system.  However, it has but 42 megs and therefore I couldn't do much
with it.  Luckily, though, I happened to have a Seagate ST-238R with a
matching ST-21 intelligent controller.  I got DOS to recognize both the
IDE and the RLL by enabling the RLL controller's BIOS, setting it as the
secondary controller, and changing the BIOS second HD type to NONE.

Then I tried Linux.  The *y thing doesn't recognize HDB.  Period.  I
did the obvious things (boot with the IDE/XT kernel, specifying
HDB=xxx,xxx,xxx, etc.) but no dice.

Any ideas?  This one isn't in any of the documentation that I've checked
so far.



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I assume it should be recognized, since other DOS partitions are recognized.
If I remember correctly, the error msg says something about IRQ timeout and
the word Busy in brackets.  II assume hardware is fine since partition
operates normally in DOS.

All help appreciated.

Lenny Harris

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