PLIP connections

PLIP connections

Post by Michael Angelo Relo » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 19:15:05

Hi there.

        I've set up PLIP on my linux box and would like some way to
connect it to a laptop of mine NOT running Linux.  What programs can
you suggest in order to do this?


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PLIP connections

Post by Byron A Je » Fri, 30 Dec 1994 00:40:50

Quote:>Hi there.

>    I've set up PLIP on my linux box and would like some way to
>connect it to a laptop of mine NOT running Linux.  What programs can
>you suggest in order to do this?

The PLIP in the 1.1.72 kernel (Absolutely sure of this) works with
the PLIP.COM in the version 11 Crynwr Packet drivers. So for DOS and
Windows this should work.


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1. Plip connection between FreeBSD & Linux


i have a 2 machine n/w - comprising a linuix (2.0.35 kernel) i386 box
connected to a NT box via ethernet . I wish to add my FreeBSD notebook
(2.2.8 ) to this networkvia PLIP  but have so far failed miserably -
and yes I probably don't know what I am doing :-)

I'm usng a 192.168.0.x network thus:


Linux and NT communicatre just fine.

I have compiled PLIP support as a module have loaded the plip modules
on Linux.

I set the plip interface on Linux :

ifconfig plip1 linix  pointopoint freeBSD arp up

and on the freebsd I do:

ifconfig lp0 FreeBSD linux

I have a laplink parellel cable between linux and freebsd. And both
machines have appropriate entries in /etc/hosts.

I guess I need to add some sort of route - and did

route add netmask

however netstat -r does show the plip interface with a route to it.
Actually something has jsut occurred to me ((right this moment) - I
have the same IP address for the linux ethernet and Plip port -
presumably this is not good. Ok i'm going to and try changing that.

Menawhile if anyone can offer any pointers I'd be grateful - i'll let
u know if it works after using different addresses for eth0 and plip1
on Linux. What sort of route format do I need to use?


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