precompiled ext2 fs progs v0.3c released

precompiled ext2 fs progs v0.3c released

Post by Cameron L. Spitz » Tue, 05 Oct 1993 08:03:56

You'll know your mke2fs is old if it complains:

Quote:>"Unable to find a block for ...".

or you might have the older "Cannot allocate i-node..." problem.

Quote:> The new release of the second extended file system support programs
>[...] should soon be moved to []


To help out folks installing Linux for the first time, I grabbed
e2fsprogs-0.3c.tar.gz from sunsite, compiled it (with gcc-2.4.5
and libc-4.4.1), and made a little floppy using the new binaries.
Then I copied the new binaries, man-pages, and the README onto it.

You may want to use this mke2fs and e2fsck instead of the older ones
which are probably in the SLS or MCC you grabbed a week or more ago.

I'm packing the files two ways.  There's a gzipped tar
and a gzipped 360KB image of the little floppy.
If you don't have room to "untar" the tar.gz,
you can gunzip the little floppy onto a floppy (any size :-),
mount -t ext2 it in your second floppy drive,
and execute mke2fs directly from there.  This may be easier and
safer than trying to make room on your ramdisk or boot/root floppy.
After fdisk, you might make a 100 MB filesystem on partition 2 this way:
  mkdir /zlor
  mount -t ext2 /dev/fd1h360 /zlor
  /zlor/mke2fs -tv /dev/hda2 100000
  umount /zlor

The files are
  e2bin3c.tgz (the gzipped tarfile) and
  e2bin3c.egz (the gzipped file system image)
in /pub/Linux/Incoming on sunsite and will move to
system/Filesystems/ext2 soon.
These files replace e2bbin.tgz and e2bbinfs.gz.

LSM entry follows.

Cameron in San Jose California

Title        = The ext 2 fs support programs, precompiled
Version      = 0.3c
Desc1        = dirdump displays a directory structure
Desc2        = e2fsck checks a file system consistency
Desc3        = mke2fs creates a file system
Desc4        = mklost+found re-creates the directory lost+found
Desc5        = tune2fs changes the parameters of a file system
Desc6        = The kit of 5 tools are compiled and packed 2 ways
Desc7        = for use during initial installs when compiler
Desc8        = is not yet available.
Desc9        = e2bin3c.tgz is a gzipped tarfile with executables and manpages.
Desc9        = e2bin3c.egz is a gzipped 360K ext2 file system image.
Desc10       = with the same files, for use with 2nd floppy drive etc.
Author       = Remy Card

Maintainer   = Cameron Spitzer

Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/Linux/system/Filesystems/ext2
File1        = e2bin3c.egz
FileSize3    = 33262 bytes
File1        = e2bin3c.tgz
FileSize3    = 32290 bytes
Required1    = should work with GCC or SLS boot/root diskette
Required2    = e2bin3c.egz requires 2nd floppy drive
CopyPolicy1  = Freely Restributable, Copyright by Remy Card
Keywords     = Filesystem e2fs efs2 ext2 install precompiled
Entered      = 03OCT93
EnteredBy    = Cameron Spitzer



1. ext2 fs programs version 0.3c released

        Hi all,

        The new release of the second extended file system support programs is
now available for anonymous ftp on in the directory
/pub/linux/BETA/ext2fs.  It should appear soon on in the
same directory.  I have also uploaded it to and it should
soon be moved to /pub/Linux/system/Filesystems/ext2.

        The files are :
        - e2fsprogs-0.3c.tar.gz : source files,
        - e2fsprogs-0.3c.lsm : LSM entry for the ext2 fs programs.

        The changes from the last release (0.3b) are :
        - mke2fs is now able to deal with partition of any size.  This means
          that the message "Unable to find a block for ..." should not appear
          any more,
        - there was a bug in e2fsck when removing a file, it has been fixed
          by Chip Salzenberg,
        - the printf formats used in the source files have been changed, by
          Chip Salzenberg too, to make the gcc 2.5 pre-release happy.



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