XF86 + PCI ET4000/W32P + SyncMaster 7G monitor???

XF86 + PCI ET4000/W32P + SyncMaster 7G monitor???

Post by Jong-Hyeon L » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 20:05:42


I have a problem with XFree86 on my system.
I'm using a PCI ET4000/W32P card and
Samsung SyncMaster 7G monitor (multiscan type).
But XFConfig does not operate well.
When I enter the command "startx", the screen is
darkened and nothing is displayed.

I'm running kernel 1.1.63 on my linux box with
Slackware 2.1.  I used server XF86_W32.

I don't know why it doesn't work well.
my configuartion error?
PCI ET4000W32P support of kernel?

Please help me.
I'm waiting for any suggestion.

Thank you in advance.

Jong-Hyeon Lee



1. "Mouse Droppings", etc. using XF86 3.1, ET4000/w32p PCI

I am using XF86 3.1 with a MicroLabs Ultimate VGA Truecolor XLp PCI board.      
I have managed to get X-Windows up and running, but I consistently get
"mouse droppings" and similar minor video corruption. Twiddling Dot clock freq.
etc., has had no effect. This behavior occurs in all resolutions. I have tried using
both XF86_W32 (with all variations of the w32p chip) and XF86_SVGA. XF86_W32
produces the behavior mentioned above, and XF86_SVGA doesn't work at all, even
when the chipset is explicitly set to et4000w32p in XF86Config.

The card has a w32p rev D chip, 2MB RAM, and uses an AT&T 20C491 DAC.

Has anyone else seen this? Has this been fixed in XF386 3.1.1? I would be willing
to use the board as an ordinary, non-accelerated ET4000 board if this is the
only option.


Jason R. Kersten
Certified OS/2 Engineer

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