Help linux kernal won't uncompress

Help linux kernal won't uncompress

Post by Mark Bull » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00


My linux system has been working for a long time, and now things are
bad. The linux system won't boot from lodlin or off a boot or root
floppy. (Kernal 1.2.13).

I get the error message:

Uncompressing Linux.....
large kernal, low 1M tight......
crc error
-- system halted.

Whats going on? Note linux is on a seperate Hard disk to my Win95
rubbish. I'm not sure but Win95 seems to have killed it after i ran a
scan disk on the win 95 disk. Win95 can't see the linux disks.

Please Help,

Mark Bullen



1. 2940W won't mount: kernal panic. help!!!!!!!

I got Slackware 2.3 on CDrom today. I finally figured out how to
install it on my 2940W w/ the boot disks from Remus. I was in the
process of trying to patch my HD kernal (1.2.8) for 2940 support when
I could no longer mount my hard drives.

Before I tried to read msdos partitions my exfs2 HD would not mount
after the first reboot. But since I tried to copy a FAT file to my
exfs2 disk and got a kernal panic, I can no longer mount my exfs2 w/o
a kernal panic.

So right now I'm dead in the water and about to kill my computer and
chop it into little peices and go back to my Amiga!

If anyone has some suggestions, please e-mail me, or I'll just trash

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