ATI Mach32 (PCI) at 1280x1024 XConfig file

ATI Mach32 (PCI) at 1280x1024 XConfig file

Post by Joseph Bennett - PCD » Sat, 24 Sep 1994 00:14:15

Hey, all.

I have an ATI Mach32 PCI card in my 486 DX/2 66, and I wanted to
try running X at 1280x1024 resolution, to see if it looks at
all decent.

What I am looking for is for some kind soul who has done this
to send me their XConfig file so I can get the clocks right, etc.

I'd really appreciate it.  If you could e-mail, that would be
a double bonus, because I don't hop on here too much.

Thanks again,


Joseph Bennett - PCD ~


1. WANTED : Xconfig for ATI Mach32 PCI


I need a concrete Xconfig file for the following configuration :

        Pentium 60 MHz
        8 Mb RAM
        ATI Mach32 SVGA card, PCI, 1Mb RAM
        14"" NI monitor (1024*768)

Could someone mail this to me ????

Many thanks !!!!!
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